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"Ingrid's rare authentic cakes are a wonderful wholesome experience, bringing a new light to the taste buds, they awaken a forgotten tradition which brings fourth the soul of baking. The craft of variety gives you thee option for everyday life treats, or giving you the opportunity to have a special sweetening surprise for any special occasion. I am grateful to experience her delicious wonders upon my visits to Nova Scotia. Thank you Cake Lady! Many blessings for this wonderful new journey of which brings much joy to the life of my mouth" Light and Love from Kimberly

"Hi Ingrid, since you didn't get my message that I sent on your website I'll try your email. I like your bread, just had a piece toasted with jam. As I was saying today when I was there I think you should have something on your website about it.I'm the white haired man that you didn't have change for and you trusted me to come back after I got some. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I do like the bread and wish I didn't have to come to the market every time I need a loaf. Keep on baking!" Reg.

"I was at the market and bought a slice of your black forest cake,and it was so decadent and moist,absolutely delicious, even my friend who is not a sweet eater loved it. Your passion for baking is obvious. I will pass on my positive experience to all my friends." Annette

"My husband and I stopped by your booth on the Halifax Waterfront during the Buskers Festival on Sunday, Aug. 5. We each had a peice of one of your cakes. I would like to say that it was absolutely the most delicious cake we have ever eaten! In fact, your cakes were so delicious, that we are coming back in from Fall River this evening, Monday, Aug. 6, just to enjoy another piece! Needless to say, now that we have discovered you, we will definately be seeking you out at your regular locations. :) Thanks so much for the wonderful treats." Joanne J.

"As I was sitting at my desk on a cool January afternoon in Lisbon, the door bell rang. It was the postman with a 2 kilo box of "something" that I was not expecting. Upon opening the package I found a huge and marvelous assortment of German Christmas cookies and baked treats. It was from my dear friend Ingrid--the Cake Lady! I can tell you all that there were many Portuguese friends who were so delighted with these scrumptious delights. I highly recommend Ingrid's fantastic yummies at Christmas or at any other time of the year." Alan Oken, Bali, Indonesia